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Health Passport

Health Passport is a mobile application that was founded with the goal of improving the health and wellbeing of people throughout New Zealand.

The Brief

The founders of Health Passport wanted to create a SaaS product that incentivises the health and wellbeing of its users. They wanted a platform that allowed users to redeem deals from businesses around the country, and encourged them to exercise more by competing in step challenges with friends and family.

Our Solution

At the forefront of our solution was the Health Passport mobile application. This allowed users to register their account, giving them instant access to deals from various outfits including gyms, health shops and recreation centres. Users were able to challenge their friends and family to step challenges, and could compete with other users listed on the leaderboard.

We provided Health Passport with an administration portal, giving them access to create deals, manage coupons and set deals of the week.

Key Features

Step Challenges

Users could challenge friends and family to a step challenge, using step data exposed from Apple and Android devices.

Flexible Redemption Option

The administration portal allowed for a variety of different redemption options, time limits, max redemptions, and more.

Payment Processing

Integrated with Stripe, so Health Passport could securely enable monthly subscriptions for their application.

Points Store

Points were awarded from winning step challenges, and could be redeemed for premium deals in the points store.

Push Notifications

Users received push notifications about new deals, step challenge progress, and new friend requests.


Users could view step data leaderboards, the daily winner was rewarded with points for the store.

Health Kit Integrated

Integrated with Health Kit on iOS which provided step data from the device, and wearables connected to it.


Administrators could see analytics on deal redemption usage, the amount of users registered, and more.

Technologies Used

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