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A web application that matches skills and experience with businesses looking to fill job vacancies.

The Brief

If you need help finding employment or are open to changing jobs, then JobaMatch is a solution for you. The founders of JobaMatch came to us with a vision of using technology to help businesses match the right people, with the right skills, to the right job.

The Traditional Process

  1. Search through job listings
  2. Write CV and Cove Letters
  3. Submit Application
  4. Employers filter through applications
  5. Employer contacts applicant(s) for follow up interviews/recruitment

The JobaMatch Process

  1. Job seekers create a free profile with their details, type of work they are seeking, experience, education and other information.
  2. Employers create an account and enter information about the position they are looking to fill.
  3. JobaMatch displays a list of job seekers that are most suited to fill the position.
  4. Employers can favourite profiles and message prospects directly within the web application.

Key Features

Matching Algorithm

Employers get relevant job seekers suggested to them, based on what the employer is searching for.

Direct Messaging

Employers can instant message job seekers to organise interviews, or to gather more information.

Payment Processing

Integrated with Stripe, so JobaMatch can securely enable payment services for their web application.


Employers may shortlist potential job seekers so that they can quickly compare relevant experience and skills.

Technologies Used

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