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A web and mobile application that enables students to track and manage their NCEA progress

The Problem

NCEATrack was founded by students that weren't happy with the current NZQA system. The problem with the current system was the time delay between sitting assessments, getting your result, and being able to view your official progress online, which took weeks and sometimes months.

Our mission is to help students get the best out of NCEA. Knowing exactly how far off an endorsement, or even just passing the year is a powerful motivator.

The Solution

We architected and developed a web and and iOS application that allows students to keep track of their NCEA progress. It is an intuitive and simple to use solution that gives students the power to track their own achievements, and get rid of those nasty paper-based timetables they're given at the start of the year.

Key Features

Track at your own pace

Students enter their own results from assessments, giving them an up to date record of how progressing at school.


NCEATrack communicates how far off the student is from getting an endorsement, which serves as a powerful motivator.


NCEATrack allows the student to create a digital timetable, so they know what classes to attend. No more paper-based timetables.

NCEA level one, two, three

NCEATrack allows students to track their progress from when they start NCEA, right through to when they finish.

Technologies Used

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