What we do

Mobile App Development

Intuitive mobile solutions for all major platforms.

We scope, design, build and maintain engaging iOS and Android applications that set you apart from your competitors and drives productivity amongst your employees.

Our digital solutions are built with the long term in mind. We will always offer a solution that fits your initial budget, but is future proofed from day one giving you the ability to grow and invest on your terms.

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Our Capabilities

React Native Applications

Our go-to solution for apps is React Native. This allows us to develop highly performant, cross-platform apps with one codebase which generally decreases the price of an application significantly, without compromising on quality.

iOS Applications

We develop highly performant and engaging native iOS apps ready for deployment on the App Store. If you're an enterprise, we're able to deploy apps privately to your managed devices through Apple Business Manager.

Android Applications

We develop highly performant and engaging native Android apps ready for deployment on the Google Play Store. If you're an enterprise, we're able to deploy apps privately to you through managed Google Play.

Beautiful & engaging user experiences

A mobile app with a clunky interface can spell disaster for its long term success. Users can get frustrated, confused and ultimately remove the app from their device soon after they install it.

At Deepsouth Technology, we invest heavily in to the current design and experience trends around the internet. We collaborate on how the mobile app could look, how the app could function, and provide mockups so you know exactly what you're buying.

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Endless integrations

A dynamic mobile app is only as good as the data it can receive. Sometimes you need to update data on the fly, fetch data from third parties, or display a list of up to date records from your own backend.

We develop highly performant and reliable APIs, exposing the data, functionality and integrations your app needs.

Enterprise mobile apps

Streamline your organisation's processes by giving your employees a digital solution in their pocket. Our enterprise mobile solutions fit perfectly within your existing setup, and can empower remote or field employees to get their job done efficiently.

Secure from the ground up
Security is at the forefront of the design process in all of our projects. With our enterprise solutions we take extra steps to ensure the app's integrity, and access is strictly limited to those intended to see certain information.
Private deployment
Our enterprise mobile solutions are deployed via the Apple Business Manager, or managed Google Play, meaning only managed devices within your organisation are able to install the application.
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Case Study

Frontline Roofing

We developed an end-to-end work management platform when they needed it the most.

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Frontline Roofing case study