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Ask Ira

Deepsouth Technology partnered with Ask Ira's founders to disrupt the event management scene.

The Brief

The founders of Ask Ira have worked at hundreds of different live sports broadcasts around the world. From their experience they noticed a gap in the market for a SaaS product that improves the workflow for organisers and the lives of people working at the events.

Broadcasts require many different skilled people, and have a lot of information associated with them such as: schedules, call times, accommodation, travel, crew lists, health and safety information, accreditation, and more.

Our Solution

We started by understanding the problem Ask Ira's founders were trying to solve. Together we arranged a number of meetings with people inside the industry and potential customers.

By conducting interviews we were able to validate the problem and identify key areas that could be solved with technology. We're developing a web and mobile application that enables event organisers the ability to plan, book and distribute information across their entire team.

Key Features

Invite Team Members

Ask Ira accommodates for even the largest of teams. Invite team members globally, or locally to work at your event.


Ask Ira is highly customisable allowing organisers the ability to configure relevant event information for all event types.

Invitation system

Ask Ira's invitation system streamlines the manual, email-based approach for organising event staff.

No double bookings

Ask Ira's invitation system allows the event organiser to get a real-time list of workers available to attend events.

Distribute information

Ask Ira allows you to create, format and order the information staff require to get their job done efficiently.

Real-time updates

Event staff are notified in real-time of changes to the event, keeping everyone on the same page.


Ask Ira provides an event calender so organisers have a one stop shop to see their upcoming schedule.

Mobile app

Event staff are able to view and receive updates to events they are working at via the Ask Ira mobile app.

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