What we do

Web Development

We're addicted to creating business critical web applications.

We scope, design, build and maintain high quality custom web applications that empowers your business to thrive in the digital age.

Our digital solutions are built with the long term in mind. We will always offer a solution that fits your initial budget, but is future proofed from day one giving you the ability to grow and invest on your terms.

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Our Capabilities

SaaS Platforms

Our SaaS solutions will gain the trust and love from your customers. We are firm believers in building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) initially, so you can validate your idea and get sales before investing further.

Internal Platforms

Internal platforms can increase how efficient your business is operating. We build innovative digital solutions that can solve a wide variety of issues, driving productivity and transparency within your organisation.

B2B & B2C Platforms

Streamlining interactions with your business can improve customer satisfaction on an exponential scale. Our B2B & B2C solutions focus heavily on the user's experience allowing them to perform tasks quickly and easily.

Payment Processing

Stripe is the number one online payment processor in the world. Using Stripe allows us to securely offer functionality such as monthly billing, one off charges and generating invoices for your customers.

API Development

Each platform we develop is API-first, we have extensive experience in building secure, scalable APIs. Our API's allow you to expose data to customers, integrate with other applications, and more.

Xero Integration

We build custom integrations for Xero. Whether it's for pulling data from Xero in to a platform of your own, or pushing data in to Xero to reduce manual data entry. Our Xero solutions can save you time and money.


If there's a manual task requiring information from two or more systems, chances are we can automate the process. Our automation solutions can give back your organisation's valuable time.

Hosting & Maintenance

We architect and securely deploy infrastructure on Amazon Web Services. The servers we deploy for your application are repeatable, backed up and automatically monitored 24/7.

Give your business an edge

Custom built software can dramactially decrease the time it takes to do a task. Whether it's a business process that's natuarally paper-based, a new idea that allows for easier data collection and management of your customers, or automatically pushing financial data through to Xero; custom built solutions will save you time and money in the long run.

At Deepsouth Technology we specialise in taking a problem, fleshing out the inefficiencies at hand, and providing a digital solution so you can spend more time on what actually matters - your business.

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Secure, reliable by design

We fully understand the need for a secure, reliable system. There's nothing worse than getting in to work and software your business depends on is down or broken from a bad update deployed the previous day.

We employ industry standard techniques in order to keep your platform up and running. Our code runs through rigourous testing protocols, and changes are deployed automatically with a zero-downtime approach.

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A platform for all of your devices

All of our platforms come responsive out of the box. They are designed to work anywhere, and on any device.

Depending on the problem at hand, it can make more sense to build a dedicated mobile application for a more immersive user experience. At Deepsouth Technology we're capable of building full scale digital platforms, learn more about our mobile development services.

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We developed an end-to-end work management platform when they needed it the most.

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