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Frontline Roofing

End-to-end work management platform, from quote to invoiced job

The Brief

Frontline Roofing is a leading family owned business focused on providing the best possible service and most cost effective options to maintain your roof and home.

They came to us with a vision of using technology to reduce the amount of administrative hours required to operate their business.

The Old Proccess

  1. Sales reps travel around inspecting roofs and distributing paper-based quotes to potential customers.
  2. Sales reps give administrative staff completed quotes so that they can transfer the details into their system.
  3. A customer calls and accepts the quote.
  4. Administrative staff plan and book workers required for the job, and print job sheets for the onsite staff to complete.
  5. Staff complete the job and fill out the job sheet with the total time it took, and return the sheet to administrative staff.
  6. Administrative staff enter job details into their system and manually create invoices in Xero from the issued quote to distribute to the customer.

Our Solution

Our solution included a custom built web application, and a cross-platform mobile application. The web application serves as the single source of truth for all of Frontline Roofing's client data, and the mobile application is used on a daily basis to enter multiple quotes from sales reps out in the field.

Our solution gives all the different types of staff the ability to connect to one platform, allowing them to communicate their work effectively and significantly reduces the double handling of tasks.

The New Process

  1. Sales reps travel around inspecting roofs and then create quotes using the mobile app. Quotes can be converted into PDF format and emailed to the client or printed.
  2. A customer calls and accepts the quote.
  3. Staff accept the quote using the web or mobile application and a new job is automatically created with the details from the quote.
  4. Staff download a job sheet generated from the platform with the details of each job item they need to complete.
  5. Once each job is complete, administrative staff enter the hours the field workers spent on the job.
  6. An invoice is automatically generated and pushed through to Xero.

Key Features

Create Quotes

Quickly generate quotes for customers onsite, from the office or from the comfort of their own home.

Generate Jobs from Quotes

Automatically generate a job from an accepted quote with all the details required for the staff completing the work.

Create and Assign Tasks

Staff may assign themselves reminders to follow up clients, quotes or to call a customer for feedback.

Follow-ons & Reminders

Follow-ons are automatically generated for the sales reps so they know when another roof treatment is due.

Quote & Job History

Quickly access quote and job history for a particular address so the sales reps know what has been quoted and completed previously.

Xero Integrated

Generate invoices from completed jobs that automatically sync with Xero for distribution and accounting purposes.

Invite Team Members

Create user accounts with custom access control so that sensitive data is only exposed to those allowed to see it.


Generate a range of different reports in PDF form or displayed on-screen, including commission payment totals.

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